Who Are We

About Smile Sailing

It is the brand of people who discovered that the best experience they had was the blue cruise and made it a passion. It is the brand of people who are curious, excited, fun-loving, open to different experiences, explorers and sea-lovers. If so, welcome aboard.

About the Founder

At the age of 14, he started sailing in Tekirdağ Sailing and Specialization Club as a trainee in laser class with the support of his father. He continued his laser sailing training for 3 years without interruption in the summer.

During his university years, he participated in the activities of Bahçeşehir University Sailing Team (SailingBAU) and completed his training in yachting class. He made sailing and boat life a passion and spent his summer holidays with his family and friends on a blue cruise. She even participated in sailing trips abroad and witnessed the boat lives, sailing languages, and working differences of people from different cultures, and had the chance to examine all these in-depth.

She graduated from Bahçeşehir University Advertising Department in 2012. During his education, she specialized in Brand Management with the pieces of training he received abroad. With the contribution of the experiences gained in the family company, the profession combines brand management with hobby sailing and created the Smile Sailing brand.

Smile Sailing is supported by Kosgeb.

What We Do

We are changing your classical holiday understanding by offering a more unique experience than a holiday.

1) Rental a Private Yachts

For your blue cruise, we offer quality charter service by considering your team's needs and finding the most suitable boat for you.

2) Cabin Charter on Saling Boats

In addition , it provides the opportunity to participate in the boat, even if you are a single person, and brings together the sea lovers and the seas with the blue cruise activities.



We want to change the classical holiday concepts by enabling people to meet with the blue cruise, allowing them to have a more unique experience beyond the holiday.


Just as the civilizations at the seaside are developing faster, people who have reached the sea become more civilized by changing their perspectives. We believe that all humanity must have reached the sea for a better future. We want to be a brand that can provide this and have a passion for this matter.