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Su-Sail Summer Trip

Su-Sail Summer Trip

Su-Sail Summer Trip

Even though the university is closed, sailing training continues during the summer.


Sabancı University Su-Sail Summer Trip

Su-Sail sailing team chartered their boats through Smile Sailing in 2017 summer trip. Both the process of arranging the trip and finding the boat became easier and they were able to offer the trip to the club members in the most affordable way by taking advantage of the special discounts we applied to the school clubs.


They made their one-week trips with their boats in Marmaris Orhaniye between 3-9 June 2017. They were in Hisarönü Bay, where the bays are beautiful for the summer months. They had the opportunity to sail by visiting many bays during the week here. Club members, who did not have any problems with their boats, enjoyed their trips. Thus they opened the season of summer and swimming in the sea 🙂


Su Sail says; Smile Sailing made us smile 🙂 

Sabancı University Su - Sail sailing team enjoyed the boats and enjoyed high sailing performance during the trip.


* Wouldn't you like to go on a cruise or have an enjoyable holiday with sailing boats belonging to 2015 - 2016 - 2017 in Orhaniye? Let's meet to help you with your sailing trip planning +905301128959.


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