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About the city of Kavala

About the city of Kavala

Some recommendations about restaurant and night life 

from Kavala where is called cute seaport town!


Where and What to Eat and Have Fun in Kavala?

(For those arriving by car)

Despite being a world filled with restaurant, lounge, cafe, and bars in Kavala’s city centre, there are things to be discovered in a lot outside the city, places, events, restaurants and entertainment venues. Here are some places you can go by car.


Nea Peramos Cafes

You should definitely visit the seaside cafes in Nea Peramos region of Kavala! The sea here will feel like it will hug you. Distance: 15 minutes by car.

The cafes are located in a row in the lagoon. You can swim in the beaches on the side.



“Κώστας Βοργιάς” (Balaouro) 

Tasty fish and appetizers, sitting by the sea. I suggest you choose the grills. Octopus grill, squid grill, shrimp grill. The first place to be your favourite in the appetizer! Location: In the old port, 10 minutes to the city!

Hamdi Bey helps you with his friendliness and suggestions.



Tou Kostantaki

Those who care about fresh fish, not appetizers are here! Maybe you are in the best place in the region. Choose your fish and eat with pleasure! Location: on the back streets of Nea Premos.

It is a cute place where local people go.

Appetizers we have never eaten before are here!




La Costa, which is full of activities on weekdays and weekends, should be visited by following social media!


Ocean Bar

After dinner, chat and dance with music accompaniment are here. With its seafront location and stylish design, it will be the throne in the hearts! There is a car park next to it. Located in the Dance and Night Club category, the venue is at the eastern entrance of Kavala. You should try the ocean cocktail.


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